1st Album – Absolute First Album

Absolute First Album

티아라 – Absolute First Album
T-ara – Absolute First Album

Release date
2009.12.04 (Taiwan)

Mnet Media

Catalogue number


Absolute First Album is T-ara’s debut album. Keojitmal was used as the first single for the album, and Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom was chosen by fans via an online poll to be the second single. However, Core Contents Media used Bo Peep Bo Peep as the second single and Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom was used as the third single.


  1. One & One
  2. 처음처럼 (Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom; Like The First Time)
  3. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  4. Tic Tic Toc
  5. Bye Bye
  6. Apple is A
  7. Falling U
  8. 너너너 (Neo Neo Neo; You You You)
  9. 거짓말 (Dance Ver.) (Keojitmal (Dance Ver.); Lies (Dance Ver.))
  10. TTL (Time to Love)
  11. 거짓말 (Slow ver.) (Keojitmal (Slow Ver.); Lies (Slow Ver.))
  12. TTL Listen 2
  13. 좋은사람 (Joheun Saram; Good Person)
  14. 놀아볼래? (Norabollae?; Wanna Play?)


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