2nd Album – Breaking Heart (Repackage)

Breaking Heart

티아라 – Breaking Heart
T-ara – Breaking Heart

Release date
2010.03.05 (Korean version)
2010.07.30 (Taiwanese version)

Mnet Media (Korean version)
Alpha Media Music (Taiwanese version)

Catalogue number
CMCC9480 (Korean version)
35CD-88001 (Taiwanese version)


Absolute First Album was re-released on March 5, 2010 as a repackage album titled Breaking Heart, and two new songs titled Neo Ttaemune Micheo and Naega Neomu Apa were included. Besides the regular edition, a limited edition was also released (restricted to 6,000 copies), which included a 56-page photobook. The track Neo Ttaemune Micheo was used as the lead single. In July, 2010, the album was released in Taiwan and included a bonus DVD featuring the music videos for Bo Peep Bo Peep and Neo Ttaemune Micheo. The pre-order edition of the album included a bonus file folder (image is that of the cover).


  1. 너 때문에 미쳐 (Neo Ttaemune Micheo; I Go Crazy Because of You)
  2. 내가 너무 아파 (Naega Neomu Apa; I’m Really Hurt)
  3. One & One
  4. 처음처럼 (Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom; Like The First Time)
  5. Bo Peep Bo Peep
  6. Tic Tic Toc
  7. Bye Bye
  8. 20;”>Apple is A
  9. Falling U
  10. 너너너 (Neo Neo Neo; You You You)
  11. 거짓말 (Dance Ver.) (Keojitmal (Dance Ver.); Lies (Dance Ver.))
  12. TTL (Time to Love)
  13. 거짓말 (Slow ver.)
  14. TTL Listen 2
  15. 좋은사람 (Joheun Saram; Good Person)
  16. 놀아볼래? (Norabollae?; Wanna Play?)
Taiwan Edition DVD Tracklist
  1. Bo Peep Bo Peep MV
  2. 처음처럼 MV (Tto Cheo Eumcheoreom; Like The First Time)


¥2,100 (tax inc.) at CDJapan (Korean version)
¥2,822 (tax inc.) at CDJapan (CD+DVD) (Taiwanese version)
¥2,090 (tax inc.) at HMV (Korean version)
¥2,930 (tax inc.) at HMV (CD+DVD) (Taiwanese version)
US$13.99 at YesAsia (Korean version)
US$22.99 at YesAsia (CD+DVD) (Taiwanese version)

Source: generasia

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