K-Pop Dream Concert 2009 (K-POP ドリームコンサート 2009)

K-Pop Dream Concert 2009

Release date

Universal Music

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150 minutes

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Korean – 2.0ch (stereo) Dolby Digital

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Features footage of the concert K-Pop Dream Concert 2009 and the event held at Seoul Olympic stadium in 2009. First press version comes with 3 ZE:A postcards (Type D) and Dream Concert 2009 original clear file (A4-size).


  1. TTL Listen 2 by T-ara & 超新星 (T-ara & Supernova)
  2. ウソ (Part.2) by T-ara
  3. LA chA TA by f(x)
  4. Chocolate Love by f(x)
  5. 揺れてる by チェヨン & DJ Koo (흔들려; Shake by Chae Yeon & DJ Koo)
  6. 2人で by チェヨン (둘이서; Two of Us by Chae Yeon)
  7. ぽろぽろ by フィソン (주르륵; Trickling by Wheesung)
  8. Insomnia by フィソン (Insomnia by Wheesung)
  9. 愛したあとに by パク・ヒョシン (사랑한 후에; After Love by Park Hyo Shin)
  10. Heal the World by フィソン & パク・ヒョシン (Heal the World by Wheesung & Park Hyo Shin)
  11. Muzik by 4Minute
  12. Hot Issue by 4Minute
  13. ジュリエット by SHINee (줄리엣; Juliette by SHINee)
  14. お姉さんは本当にかわいい by SHINee (누난 너무 예뻐; Noona, You’re So Pretty by SHINee)
  15. 友達の告白 by 2AM (친구의 고백; A Friend’s Confession by 2AM)
  16. この歌 by 2AM (이 노래; This Song by 2AM)
  17. Super Girl (Korean ver.) by SUPER JUNIOR-M
  18. Bounce by Jewelry
  19. Vari2ty by Jewelry
  20. One More Time by Jewelry
  21. ミスター by KARA (미스터; Mister by KARA)
  22. Wanna by KARA
  23. Indian Boy by MCモン feat. チャングニ&B.I (인디언 보이 by MC Mong feat. Jang Geun Ee & B.I)
  24. アイスクリーム by MCモン (아이스크림; Ice Cream by MC Mong)
  25. サーカス by MCモン (서커스; Circus by MC Mong)
  26. 愛の雨 by キム・テウ (사랑비; Love Rain by Kim Tae Woo)
  27. 言いたいこと by キム・テウ (하고싶은 말; Words I’d Want to Say by Kim Tae Woo)
  28. I Love U, Oh Thank U by MCモン & キム・テウ (MC Mong & Kim Tae Woo)
  29. So Fresh by MCモン & キム・テウ (MC Mong & Kim Tae Woo)
  30. 願いを言ってみて(Genie) by 少女時代 (소원을 말해봐 (Genie); Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) by SNSD)
  31. Gee by 少女時代 (SNSD)
  32. I Don’t Care by 2NE1
  33. Fire by 2NE1
  34. Sorry, Sorry by SUPER JUNIOR
  35. 君なんだと (It’s You) by SUPER JUNIOR (너라고 (It’s You))
  36. 旅に出よう by SUPER JUNIOR & 少女時代 & SHINee & f(x) (여행을 떠나요; Let’s Go on a Trip)
  37. ああ 大韓民国 by All members (아! 대한민국; Ah! Korea)


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K-Pop Dream Concert 2009 Clear File

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