T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2

TTL Listen 2

티아라 & 초신성 – TTL Listen 2
T-ara & Supernova – TTL Listen 2

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A month after the first release, a new/remix version titled TTL Listen 2 was also released with the participation of all the members of both groups. On the new remix version Davichi member Lee Hae Ri participated uncredited (though later credited on Supernova‘s physical release of the song) with the higher notes of the backing vocals.

Japanese singer Tamaki Nami also released a Japanese version of the song in 2010 as her 20th single, Missing You ~Time To Love~ feat. KWANGSOO, JIHYUK, GEONIL (from Choshinsei).


  1. TTL Listen 2

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T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)

TTL (Time to Love)

티아라 & 초신성 – TTL (Time To Love)
T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)

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TTL (Time To Love) is the digital collaboration single by T-ara (Ji Yeon, Hyo Min, So Yeon, Eun Jung) and Supernova (Jihyuk, Kwangsu and Gunil). TTL is described as “…a southern hip hop style track, with an electronic sound and Korean melody”.


  1. TTL (Time To Love)


£0.79 at iTunes (UK)
¥150 at iTunes (JP)
(it doesn’t seem to be in the US store)

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